I Wish.

I wish I wasn’t expecting you to show up that evening to say one last goodbye because I know it’s never coming. I wish I didn’t check my phone 50 times a day, hoping your name will lit up on my screen with an “imissyouu” text, the way it used to on the random days you did miss me more than usual. I wish we didn’t have those misunderstandings. I wish you fought as hard as I did to try to make things work despite all the differences we had. I wish I could stop my mind from thinking about you, because it hurts so damn much. I wish I didn’t fall so fast, feel so deep, and love so widely.
They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but really, I wish that this distance didn’t exist, not at least between the two hearts.
I wish..


You Are The One💝

You are the warmth that greets me
on a cool summers day.
You are my life, spread out,
phase after phase.
You are the words I stumble over
in such dismay.
Yours are the thoughts
I could never stop.
Your memory is enough
to urge me forward.
You are the light inside
a black pit.
You are the kind of clothing
that easily fits.
Your love is my enemy,
my friend
and my comfort.
Yours are the words I can never forget,
not until I take my last, final breath.

Don’t Judge – Have A Heart


Look at her body language.” “Why is he/she so egoistic?” “She has done so much at this early age, man!!” – And such craps.

Throughout our lives, we have all judged someone. I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We all have. And sometimes, we don’t even realize when we are doing it. But the question is WHY do we do it? We have no right to judge someone else. Just like someone has no right to judge us. We don’t know what someone has been through in their life. We don’t know what adversities they have faced. They don’t know what we’ve went through either. So why judge someone when you literally know nothing about them or their life? And even if you think you know someone, chances are you still don’t know anything that they have been through.
 Every time we judge someone, we miss the opportunity to truly get to know them because we are so focused on what WE think about them even though we know absolutely nothing about them. I think we all need to stop judging each other and placing stereotypes on each other. What do we really gain by doing that? Nothing. We gain nothing from judging someone except for a misguided portrayal of them.
Yes, I have judged many people before. And I was pretty wrong to do that. Just like its wrong for someone else to judge me as well. And after thinking about this topic many times, I don’t want to be that person who just judges other people. And I’m not going to be anymore. And I hope that some of you after reading this will be right there with me. It’s time to make a change people.